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This is where, i freely express my thoughts & opinions of the world. If you have came here through me showing you this then i trust you. If you just so happen to stumble upon my world, I implore you to explore.

Today i witnessed a bully push someone, indeed i did act on this, but the point isn’t that i gave remedy to the matter at hand, it is, the true nature, behind the act, which intrigues me.

A bully, is far more evil, and simplistic, than one might think, he acts aggressively for mostly two reasons, one, to impress his false sheep (friends), and two, to evoke a reaction within the subject.

What does a bully do? A bully harms another person mentally or physically, infringing on his sanctity, spreading negativity to one person or many.

Why? This is, the most disturbing truth, the bully does this, so the subject may react, and show the bully, that the negativity, the sadness has got to the victim, the worst part is, the bully takes pleasure in this.

How twisted, to gain happiness from the sadness of others, do you even deserve to live at this point?

Life is infinitely valuable with infinite potential which is why it is worth more than anything, but if somebody is already destroying others lives, if somebodies purpose is not to live, but to destroy, do they even deserve the oxygen they breathe?

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