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This is where, i freely express my thoughts & opinions of the world. If you have came here through me showing you this then i trust you. If you just so happen to stumble upon my world, I implore you to explore.

I find it interesting how the happiness of ones self can be so greatly influenced by the happiness of others, that you care for them so much that their sorrow actually pierces your positivity.

This is interesting because it shows pure affection between humans, you are unhappy directly because of the fact that somebody close to you is less happier than you, and therefor you want them to share that happiness you possess.

Now sorrow isn’t always like that, psychologically when you see someone in pain (for example stranger in ambulance) first you think of yourself, (I wouldn’t want that to happen to me), and then you hope they’re ok (because you wouldn’t want it to happen to you), the sad truth of the ego.

But this is pure affection, pure love for one another, and is the opposite of the sadistic bully i mentioned the other day, you want them to be happy & give remedy to their ailments, and that has no self centered thoughts attached to it.

I noticed this because the yesterday i found out someone i long ago left behind was actually getting happier and fighting their own demons, contrary to what i believed.

Upon hearing this i was overjoyed, a burden had been lifted from my mind and soul and their vitality no longer played on my mind, and then i thought about how many other people are affected by this, and how the misconception of sorrow, is actually pure affection, what beauty.

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