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Losing is generally seen and felt as of bad nature, failing against somebody better than you in some area, but is it really all that bad?

Life is a perspective based system, many people can face the same situation and come out differently, but why? Different variables, external inputs? No, it all comes down to how you deal with the circumstance.

Embrace, deflect, absorb, attack, defend, these are just a number of ways to utilize or fall prey to a force or situation apprehending you, now let’s apply this to losing.

A loser is able to now learn from his mistakes, the winner continues undefeated, who will fall with the most force, the undefeated giant, or the boy who slowly rose through the ranks defeat after defeat?

For thou who drowns in the darkness and emerges into the light is far more likely to know poison than that which strives only in the glory of above.

In a simplistic manner, losing allows you to learn, winning allows you to bask in the fruits of your labor, thus showing the positives of each, but a lesson is only learned if a lesson is known, do not blame defeat on others, but criticize yourself and you shall ascend.

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